How To Get Extra Crispy Chicken McNuggets, According To A McDonald’s Superfan

Do you desire that enjoyable crispness when you take a bite of breaded chicken? If you enjoy crispy deliciousness, you’re in good company! Mastering the ideal level of crispiness is a skill that applies to more than just homemade fried chicken dishes.

Even at fast-food outlets like McDonald’s, there’s a method to enhance your crispy chicken experience. Thanks to the knowledge of several McDonald’s fans on TikTok, we’ve learned how to get Chicken McNuggets extra crispy.

The Search for Crunchiness

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered how to make your McNuggets extra crunchy. Attaining the perfect crispiness is a common goal for chicken enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s a recipe for southern fried chicken or a popular fast-food dish, we all like the satisfying crunch.

Tips for TikTok

Introducing TikTok users Makel (@xomakel2) and Tommy Winkler (@tommywinkler), who revealed their recent insights on enhancing your McNugget enjoyment.

According to these fast-food enthusiasts, a minor adjustment in your ordering routine is all it takes to strengthen your McNuggets. Makel first communicated this knowledge in February 2023, and Tommy Winkler chose to verify it by going to a McDonald’s drive-thru and recording his encounter.

Extra Crunchy Sorcery

In Winkler’s widely shared video, he boldly requests McNuggets “extra crispy” from the McDonald’s drive-thru staff. After a short break, the employee replies, “All right.” Unbeknownst to Winkler, this minor adjustment would result in a dramatic metamorphosis.

Upon opening his 10-piece McNuggets box, he is pleased to see that they appear particularly crispy. A noticeably loud crunch can be heard as he bites into it, indicating its improved crispness.

To emphasize the point, Winkler then tastes nibbles from many nuggets, each providing a pleasing crunch.

TikTok supporters were fast to join the conversation, with one stating, “The combination of extra crispy and sweet and sour is of the highest quality.” The extra-crispy McNuggets have gained popularity among fast-food fans.

The Verification

To further confirm this recently acquired information, TikTok inventor Kevin Uznanski (@lord_cappuccino) tested the “extra crispy” order at his nearby McDonald’s. As he approached the drive-thru window, he couldn’t help but see that the staff member had written “ADD Well Done” as a personalization for the McNuggets.

A commenter on Winkler’s video verified that this is indeed the secret language, saying, “Yes, that’s simply ‘well done.'”

What is Uznanski’s decision? “They appear to be darker, and they do appear to be crispier,” he notes while inspecting his McNuggets. After tasting it, he says, “We may have discovered something promising.

These could be the finest nuggets I’ve ever had at McDonald’s.” Uznanski also proposes that honey is the perfect condiment for these crispy treats.

The Secret is Revealed

So, there you have it: the key to achieving crispier McNuggets is to request them to be cooked thoroughly. Although it may not result in you receiving the “fan of the year” recognition from the staff, it is a straightforward and efficient method to enhance your McNugget experience.

Simply remember to ask politely, and if you’re feeling generous, consider leaving a gratuity as a gesture of gratitude.

With your extra crispy McNuggets, select your preferred dipping sauce—honey, sweet and sour, ketchup, BBQ, Buffalo, ranch, or any other choice.

Regardless of how you like them, one thing is evident: crunchy McNuggets are something to relish and commemorate. Feel free to start your crispy chicken journey at McDonald’s – the extra crisp way!

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