20 Chic Hairstyles to Make a Woman Over 60 Look 40

Age is merely a number, and your hairdo doesn’t have to correspond to it! 

As you reach your 60s and older, you should feel confident and attractive with a haircut that suits your characteristics and enhances your natural beauty. 

The days of having few choices and being required to conform are over. Today, there is a wide variety of fashionable and youthful hairstyles to discover.

This blog explores 20 stylish hairstyles for women over 60, highlighting their versatility, low maintenance, and classic elegance. Whether you want short and elegant, medium-length and adaptable, or long and lavish, there’s an ideal style just waiting to be found. 

Compact & Fashionable

1. The Pixie Haircut

It is widely chosen for its easy upkeep and classic appeal. It’s very complimentary for women with fine or thinning hair since the wispy layers create volume and texture. 

The pixie cut complements the face nicely, emphasizing your cheekbones and jawline. Think of styling it with a side part for a hint of elegance, or choose a sloppy, textured appearance for a more casual feel. 

2. The Short Bob: 

A timeless choice, the short bob provides a flexible style for many face types. It reaches just above or slightly below the chin, providing a refined yet friendly appearance. 

Opt for a blunt cut for a neat and contemporary look, or incorporate textured layers for a bit of gentleness and fullness. 

This design is ideal for accentuating your face features and can be effortlessly groomed with a blow dryer and round brush to get a smooth and refined appearance. 

3. The Shag: 

Experiencing a significant resurgence, the shag is a stylish haircut that provides volume and texture to fine hair. It includes various layers of varied lengths, resulting in a relaxed and fashionable appearance. 

The shag hairstyle can be worn with a bit of tousled texture for a casual look or treated with a blow dryer and diffuser for more distinct waves. 

This easy-care style is ideal for women who desire a haircut that appears excellent with little effort. 

4. The Uneven Bob: 

Incorporate a hint of uniqueness and appeal to your appearance with this contemporary version of the bob. The uneven bob has varying lengths on each side, creating a distinctive and attention-grabbing look. 

You can wear it with a deep side part for a striking appearance or with a center part for a more even look. This design is ideal for women who like to show their uniqueness and adopt a contemporary look. 

Average & Handling

5. The Angled Bob: 

This hairstyle has a front that is a bit longer than the back, creating a lovely frame for the face. It’s excellent for increasing fullness around the cheekbones and accentuating your features. 

The angled bob provides flexibility for styling, allowing you to straighten it for a polished appearance, create waves for a glamorous touch, or include braids for a fun variation. 

This style can work well with different hair types and textures, which is why it is a popular option for ladies over 60. 

6. The Lob (Long Bob): 

Providing numerous styling choices, the lob (long bob) sits between the chin and shoulder and suits a variety of tastes. Adjust it for a smooth and refined appearance, incorporate waves for a bit of texture and fullness, or try out braids for a fun variation. 

The lob is ideal for women who wish to keep some length while still enjoying the advantages of an easy-to-manage haircut. It works well with different hair types and textures, providing flexibility and simplicity in upkeep. 

7. Layered Cut: 

Incorporating layers into your medium-length hair can help increase volume and create movement, which is particularly beneficial for fine or thin hair. 

Layers add visual depth and volume, giving the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. You can enhance your layered haircut with free waves, curls, or even a smooth, straight style for a flexible appearance. 

This style is ideal for those who like to give their hair more volume and vitality without cutting its length. 

8. Blunt Cut: 

This neat and smooth cut is ideal for people with straight, thick hair. The straight cut produces a contemporary and elegant appearance without the need for extensive style. 

The simple design and precise angles display the inherent beauty of your hair and accentuate your facial characteristics. This easy-care style is perfect for busy women looking for a simple yet fashionable choice. 

Extended & Lavish

9. Long Layers: 

Keeping long hair doesn’t have to result in losing volume. Adding layers to your long hair will significantly decrease the thickness and provide more flow. 

This style adds visual appeal and stops long hair from looking heavy or dull. Long layers can be fashioned with waves for added texture, straightened for a smooth appearance, or braided for a more detailed look. 

This adaptable choice is ideal for those who wish to keep their long hair while enhancing dimension and ease of styling.

10. Beach Waves: 

Adopt a casual and easygoing appearance with beach waves. This style gives long hair more structure and volume, resulting in a natural and young look. 

You may create beach waves by using a curling iron or by braiding wet hair and allowing it to dry naturally. 

The relaxed, textured waves are ideal for daily use and bring a hint of casual elegance. 

Enhancing Depth & Style 

11. Balayage Highlights: 

This method of highlighting involves adding delicate strands of color all over the hair, resulting in a natural appearance reminiscent of being kissed by the sun. 

Balayage is great for creating depth and accentuating face characteristics. 

Unlike typical highlights that usually show a sharp difference, balayage mixes smoothly with your original hair color, resulting in a more natural appearance that requires less upkeep. 

12. Ombre Hair: 

This trendy style includes the gradual lightening of hair from the bottom to the ends, resulting in a natural appearance with some depth and easy upkeep. 

Ombre hair creates depth and can be tailored to match your preferences. Choose between a gentle lightening for a natural appearance or a more striking contrast for a stronger statement. 

13. Money Piece Highlights: 

This popular method emphasizes highlighting the front parts of hair surrounding the face, sometimes referred to as the “money piece.” 

This method highlights and enhances your features, giving a youthful and vibrant look to your haircut. 

Money piece highlights can be achieved with either subtle balayage or more striking blonde tones, depending on how much contrast and impact you choose. 

Celebrating Curly and Coiled Hair

14. Short Curls: 

Embrace your natural curls by choosing a short, textured haircut. This style highlights the distinct shape and fullness of your curls and is surprisingly easy to maintain. 

Short curls can be shaped with a diffuser for more volume or allow hair to dry naturally for a casual and effortless appearance. This design is ideal for women who wish to embrace their natural texture with little effort. 

15. Medium-Length Curls: 

Hair that is medium in length provides additional styling choices for curly hair. Try diffusing to add volume, braiding for texture, or just letting your natural curls flow for a casual and easygoing appearance. 

You can also utilize curl-enhancing cosmetics to bring out your natural curl shape and reduce frizz. Medium-length curly hair provides flexibility and enables you to experiment with different styles to discover what suits you best. 

16. Long Curls: 

Long, flowing curls are a classic representation of femininity and grace. Keeping your curls healthy and well-nourished involves following the proper maintenance practices to avoid dryness and frizz. 

Intensive conditioning treatments, leave-in conditioners, and styling products designed for curls are essential for keeping them looking bouncy and shiny. 

By focusing on the health of your hair, you can confidently enjoy your long, beautiful curls. 

Updos and Half-Up Styles

17. The French Twist: 

This stylish updo is ideal for formal events or when you desire a hint of elegance. The French twist includes collecting the hair at the back of the neck and twisting it into a firm bun. 

It’s unexpectedly simple to make and can be adjusted for different hair lengths and textures. To get a more casual appearance, you can let a few strands of hair fall loosely around your face to add a gentle touch. 

18. The Messy Bun: 

This casual and easy hairstyle is excellent for everyday use. Collect your hair gently into a bun at the back of your neck and let a few strands frame your face for a delicate look. 

You may personalize the sloppy bun by including braids or twists to achieve a more detailed appearance. This easy-care style is ideal for hectic days or when you desire a comfy yet fashionable choice. 

19. The Half-Up Ponytail: 

This adaptable look provides a little style while keeping your hair away from your face. Collect the upper section of your hair and tie it into a ponytail at the top of your head using a hair elastic. 

You can try out various ponytail heights and styles, such as a high ponytail for a young feel or a low ponytail for a more elegant appearance. Keep the rest of the hair down for a casual look, or opt to braid it for an extra element of style. 

20. The Headband Braid: 

This fashionable look is both elegant and useful. Create a braid on one side of your hair and fasten it behind your head using a stylish headband. 

This design is ideal for adding a hint of bohemian flare and keeping your hair away from your face. 

You have the option to select from many headband designs and braid patterns to customize this appearance and complement your style. 

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind that the top hairstyle is the one that boosts your confidence and makes you feel gorgeous. 

Here are some ideas to encourage you to embrace your style and appreciate your timeless beauty. 

Speak with a hairdresser who knows your hair type, interests, and lifestyle to discover the ideal haircut and style that enhances your unique features. 

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