10 Landscaping Trends To Watch In 2024

As winter releases its hold and invites warmer weather, we naturally start thinking about outdoor activities and the opportunity to enhance our yards. 

In 2024, landscaping is ready for exciting developments that offer to change your outside area into a place of sustainability, relaxation, and visual enjoyment. 

Let’s discover the leading 10 landscaping trends for the year, as professionals in the field suggested.

1. Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Expert Opinion: 

Jeremy Yamaguchi, Chief Executive Officer of Lawn Love

Environmentally friendly living is becoming increasingly important, which also applies to gardening. 

As per Jeremy Yamaguchi, the CEO of Lawn Love, sustainability will be the leading landscaping trend in 2024. This trend includes different types, one notable example being the Mediterranean garden. 

The emphasis is on decreasing waste and minimizing the use of resources.

Key Takeaway: Embrace the climate in your region and cultivate indigenous plants that naturally flourish there, reducing the necessity for excessive watering, shade, or temperature regulation.

2. Outdoor Spaces

If you enjoy spending time outside, the trend of designing welcoming and practical outdoor living areas will interest you in 2024. 

It extends beyond the usual patio and dining space, including outdoor kitchens, fire pits, gazebos, and other features. 

This trend lets you utilize your yard throughout the year and displays your style with various fixtures and furniture options.

Key Takeaway: Convert your outside area into a cozy getaway where you can unwind and host guests, turning your yard into an expansion of your house.

3. Easy-to-Care-for Plants Expert Opinion: 

Dan Bailey, President of WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care

Caring for your garden is a pleasure, but in 2024, it comes with a helpful addition. Bid farewell to gardens that need a lot of effort and welcome plants that require less effort into your environment. 

Choose alternatives such as perennial plants and decorative grasses that provide vivid colors without requiring regular care.

Key Takeaway: Appreciate the attractiveness of your garden without the inconvenience of regular trimming and maintenance by choosing plant species that require minimal care.

4. Growing Ornamental Edible Plants

In 2024, edible plants are becoming popular in landscaping. These adaptable plants not only enhance the visual attractiveness of your yard but also offer fresh produce conveniently at your doorstep. 

Edible plants include herbs and vegetables such as kale, cabbage, and asparagus. They require minimal care, withstand dry conditions, and provide an environmentally friendly method for cultivating an attractive landscape.

Key Takeaway: Improve your garden with attractive edible plants that may be used as meal ingredients.

5. Utilizing Your Resources Professional Perspective: 

Ryan Farley, Chief Executive Officer of Lawn Starter

With a focus on sustainability, landscaping in 2024 aims to optimize your existing yard without making significant changes. 

Instead of large-scale digging and changes, this movement encourages homeowners to work with the natural features of their land. It maintains the natural surroundings and reduces expenses by eliminating expensive land preparation.

Key Takeaway: Utilize the possibilities of your existing yard design, maximizing its natural characteristics and reducing its influence on the environment.

6. Smart Technology

Innovation plays a significant part in the current landscaping trends, including smart technologies. 

With the help of technology, landscaping is becoming more straightforward and more effective, thanks to features like Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor lights, remote-controlled lawnmowers, and applications that ease yard maintenance. 

These improvements attempt to save energy while boosting the visual attractiveness of your outdoor area.

Key Takeaway: Embrace intelligent technology to make yard maintenance easier, save energy usage, and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space.

7. Eco-Friendly Lawns Expert Opinion: Dan Bailey, President of WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care

Environmentally friendly lawns will become more prevalent in 2024, directly associated with increased intelligent technologies. These lawns have clovers, non-woody plants, and species that can withstand drought instead of the usual grass. Innovative technology, such as sprinkler systems connected to smartphones, assists homeowners in saving water while keeping their eco-friendly landscapes in good condition.

Key Takeaway: Consider eco lawns as an environmentally friendly and easy-to-care-for option to conventional grass lawns, conserving water and effort.

8. Hues, Hues, Hues

In the field of landscaping, colors are the main focus in 2024. Certain styles support dark and intense plant colors to create a dramatic impact, while others embrace intense and lively shades to enhance the texture and liveliness of outdoor areas. 

Whether you choose deep purples or vibrant, attention-grabbing colors, it’s up to you to improve your façade.

Key Takeaway: Select plant colors that align with your style, whether dark and intense or bright and lively, to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space.

9. Drawing in Pollinator Expert Perspective: 

Ryan Farley, Chief Executive Officer of Lawn Starter

Increasing biodiversity is a primary focus in current landscaping trends. Drawing pollinators in your yard is an integral part of this trend. 

By cultivating plants such as milkweed, butterfly weed, and borage, you establish a hospitable environment for pollinators such as monarch butterflies and bees, which helps in their preservation.

Key Takeaway: Create a healthy environment in your yard by planting species that attract pollinators and promote biodiversity.

10. Utilizing Vertical Space

Vertical landscaping might be a helpful solution when there is not much area available. Trellises and vertical planters enable you to optimize your garden’s layout and attractiveness without using up valuable ground area. 

Vertical gardens and lattice structures provide a distinct visual charm by vertically expanding the range of colors.

Key Takeaway: Consider vertical gardening to maximize your limited space and establish an impressive vertical garden.


In 2024, landscaping trends aim to enhance your outdoor experience by integrating sustainability, innovation, and creativity. 

Whether designing an eco-friendly garden, converting your yard into a peaceful retreat, or integrating intelligent technology, these trends provide thrilling opportunities for improving your outdoor living area. 

Prepare to adopt these ideas and transform your yard into a lively and environmentally friendly sanctuary in the upcoming year.

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